Detailed planning

Detailed planning is about technical and organizational fine-tuning of individual lots. Besides technical details it's also about project management and schedule coordination and control.

Site supervision

With local site supervision we ensure the realisation of the principals interests during the construction. In addition to coordinating the construction process, negotiations among the contractors and their supervision, schedule monitoring and quality control of the implementation are the main tasks.

SiGe-Plan, BauKG

According to an EU-analysis of fatal accidents, up to 35% of these originate in in a lack of site organization and coordination of the parties. Therefor with the work coordination law, BauKG, Federal Law Gazette No 37/1999, the EU construction directive is implemented in Austria. It transfers responsibility for organization of the site to the client, who can (or should) mandate this tasks to a specialist (the Building Coordinator).

Cost tracking and cost management

In Addition to the invoice verification and auditing also the administration of supplements and additives and finally the cost appraisal is of great importance for you.