Advice on cunstruction matters

We advise and assist you in your building projects from the very first idea up to maintenance and facility management. For example, in the following areas: 

Buyer's Guide

We advise independently on advantages, disadvantages, and the (apparent) condition of the property. As experts with years of experience, we see a real estate with different eyes and pay attention to things the willing to buy person overlooks. We provide advice up to conditions of purchase contract.

Inventory for basic evaluation

Who doesn't know where he is, will not find the way to the goal!

Usually a project starts with an analysis of the current situation in order to derive needs in change and potentials. In this sense we understand inventory as a potentially complex analysis. Part of it may be a topographical survay, but often the requirements go far beyond and include both legal (ownership, permissions, etc.) as well as financial, managemental or administrational and maintenance issues. 

Project development

A project is not a simple, but a targeted bundle of ideas and formed by many considerations and investigations.

Real estate project development is a very complex process. You decide in which areas we may support you:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Location analysis and site investigations
  • Usage Analysis
  • Cost Analysis

Expert opinions and reports

The civil engineer is a state-authorized person to issue public documents.

This sometimes is required for certain transactions (such as value appraisal, submission of plans to the authorities, etc.), on the other hand the submission of an experts report, the objective finding of facts by an impartial expert, may not only be relevant in case of a lawsuit, but also for documentation for later use.

Building advice

Those who build have many questions.

Of course we advise in many other areas too. Who suddenly gets to do with building as a non-specialist usually has many questions. But only he who trusts in the right partner will eventually find satisfying solutions. It is not always the easiest or cheapest way that is the most efficient in the long term.