Maintenence and operation

A ready built building needs maintenance and care. Particularly for commercial real estates certain maintenance intervals and periodic inspections arise from legislation. But even private property should - according to the age - regularly be checked and maintained to safeguard the value in a long term. It is for example much easier to replace some broken tiles than to restore a rotten roof structure - timely maintenance will prevent this!

Site permit

In Austria each site (shop, office) must have a valid operation licence. We support our clients in submission and approval of their site licences. Especially in urban areas the regulations regarding emissions and noise get more and more restrictive (ventilation, air conditioning). Our good contact with the relevant authorities and years of experience give you the chance of an optimal result.

Fire protection

We provide accurate fire protection plans for your buildings and coordinate them with the relevant authorities. Enjoy legal and operational sureness by contracting to us.

Facility Management

For our principals with chain stores we can take over the coordination of technical facility management and troubleshooting, to realize an undisturbed branch operation. We may act as service point for problems and take care of prompt correction by appropriate service providers.