Planning Services


For simplicity we here subsume all design tasks, starting from drafts to preliminary design, design and blueprints, under the term "planning".

Cost estimate

As a matter of fact, as with most builders, the question of construction costs ranks first. Of course we try to evaluate the project form the beginning with rough cost estimates. Experience and advanced, couninously updated databases help us to quantify the cost of construction from the beginning as accurately as possible. But only with detailed planning they can be determined more accurate.

Call for tenders

To determine the cost as accurately as possible several companies are invited to submit tenders. The type of prodedure depends on the size of the construction project, the legal state of the principal and other legal conditions. The goal is to determine the most appropriate (best value principle) or the cheapest (lowest price principle) parties to deliver the various lots.


Based on the permit application we obtain the necessary permits for the construction. In addition to the permission for building, often other notices and consents by different authorities may be required. However we are using our experience and preliminary talks to keep the rules and regulations as small as possible.